Meet our Board of Directors

The Sacred Heart Children's Center, Inc. celebrated its quarterly meeting, along with family members, at Oral Lake on June 1, 2016 with grant awards to 20 organizations.

Board Members from left to right: Carolyn R. Burnside, Vanessa Schoetz, Joyce Griffin, Derika Bowyer, Kelley Heal-Ortiz,  Janet  McCarthy, Barbara  Dillard, Jerry P. D'Amato, Anna  Smucker, Meredith McCarthy, Carolyn  Light, John Chapman, Jane Simmerman

Not pictured above: Edward Aman, III, Beth  Fitch, Rebecca  Korn, Kellee  Shuttlesworth, Dr. Amy Wilson Strange

Current Board Members

Jerry P. D'Amato


John Chapman
Vice President


Meredith McCarthy


Larry Cann, Jr.


Joyce Griffin
Executive Committee


Jane Simmerman
Executive Committee

Edward Aman, III


 Derika Bowyer


 Carolyn R. Burnside


 Billy Childers


 Beth  Fitch


 Argyle Kaufman


Rebecca  Korn

Carolyn  Light 


Wayne Northey


Trina Runner


Kellee  Shuttlesworth


Dr. Amy Wilson Strange


Delores Yoke